Chimpazoom? Technology is wild for primates, video calls at the Czech Zoo

Humans may be bored by video calls, zoom birthdays, and stream displays, but the shrimp at Bay Zoo are starting to enjoy their new live link-to-line link-up.

Due to the lack of interaction with visitors from attractions that closed in December under the Covid-19 restrictions, soldiers at a zoo 150 km away in Chimpanzee and Brano at Safari Park dwarf Krelov, can now see each other’s daily lives on wide screens.

There have been no mute-button disasters due to the noise being muted, but interest has already been in what distant cousins ​​are doing since the project went off last week.

“Initially they came to the screen with a defensive or threatening gesture, there was an interaction,” said Gabriela Linhartova, a clown at Dwer Krelov, 135 kilometers from Prague.

“Since then she has been in ‘I’m in movies’ or ‘I’m watching TV’ mode. When he sees some stressful situations, he gets out of bed like us when we are watching a live sporting event. “

A chimpanzee sees a huge screen inside his exterior at the entrance to the Kralov Zoo

A chimpanzee sees a huge screen inside its exterior. Photograph of Dwar Krelov Zoo on it: David W. Erna / Reuters

While watching the Watchtower, chimpanzees have adopted other humane behaviors, such as grabbing a snack like almonds for human consumption.

The video conference, aired on Safari Park’s website, will run daily from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. until the end of March while keepers will evaluate whether to continue.