Chief rearranged offensive lines dominate the bills

One of the biggest question marks in the Week 6 contest between Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills was the stability of the Chiefs’ offensive line. They started left-arm guard Kelechi Osmel on the IR this week, and right-hander Michelle Schwartz appeared on a back injury report.

After that, the Chiefs decided to change the lineup with a quick take on the early starter Austin Ritter with veteran center Daniel Kilgore. Schwartz’s back pain forced him to leave early in the game, then the Chiefs had a new-looking offensive line with three new starters.

Left-hander Eric Fisher, left-hander Nick Allegretti, center-back Daniel Kilgore, right-hander Rewandrew Wiley and right-hander Mike Reimers will help Bill handle the defensive front and build a rushing yard in 245 teams on 45 total carriages. The team won 26-17, and Kansas City had the highest number of figures in any game of head coach Andy Red’s career.

Quarterback Patrick Mahoms saluted his five-man defense effort – who allowed just one sack and four quarterback hits.

“I think the offensive line really took it upon themselves – the light box boxes that we will face and the pressure given last week – they took it personally this week and you see it today,” Mahoms explained to his reporters. Game Next press conference. “They (running back) were making good holes for Clyde [Edwards-Helaire] To run through. We had to shuffle around those guys and the boys went ahead and Clyde really hit them and finished well. “

It was a big day for Ruchi to run back. Edwards-Heller finished with 161 rushing yards on 26 carry – an average of 6.2 yards per rush. It’s a new career for first-round picks. He acknowledged that his personal efforts were not the only factor influencing his performance.

Edwards-Heller said of his insulting sentence, “They made everything easier for me.” “After all, it’s not just a career day for me – it’s a whole offensive line … When you have days like this, things seem to run like the Red Sea, and that was the offensive line. I just put my head down and ran. I did my job when it was time to lose someone or get through someone, and that puts the offensive line forward. I’m just doing my 1/11th. “

The chief social media account jumped on the analogy of the performance of the Edwards-Heller line.

Mahoms was playing behind the offensive line with three players who did not start for the team last week. Despite the change, his performance encouraged him.

“Allegreti comes down the aisle and starts playing with his tail and gets blocked really well in the run game and pass game,” Mahoms began. “Reimers, who just came into the guard this past week and then Schwartz moved forward to tackle behind where they normally are and then really took the steps and did a great job there. Those people are really well prepared. (Brett) Waych does an excellent job of getting a lot of big men in that room and Coach (Andy) Hack coaches them up really well. I thought they did a great job … ‘I am proud of those people and I have full confidence in them going forward.’

The offensive line was looking as strong as it was all season – but the context is important. Bill had three key players from his defensive front for the game: defensive end Trent Murphy, linebacker Matt Milano and defensive tackle Harrison Phillips. That said, Buffalo’s top talent was still on the field – and the Chiefs’ front blamed all the game.

Andy Reed has always preached the next-man-up mentality, and his team set an example once again during his fifth win of the season. After a year of best run-blocking performances, the “next man up” runs behind Le Levon Bell – who should feel good about his new team’s performance.