Chefs react to a burnt-out three-Michelin-star Napa restaurant

On Monday, some creations in the luxury resort Midwood Napa Valley were extinguished by flames of glass fires, which now number more than 42,000 acres in Sonoma and Napa counties. The three-Michelin-starred restaurant at St. Helena’s Resort in Medwood, as well as the grill and golf shop in Medwood, were all destroyed in the fire. Listening to the news shared by Meadowwood’s executive chef Christopher Costo, chefs and restaurateurs across the country and across the country offered their condolences.

On Instagram, Dominic Crane, chef-owner of Atelier Crane in San Francisco and the only female chef in America, wrote, “The heartbreaking loss of an iconic, gorgeous resort in Napa.” He added: “We want the safety of the firefighters and everyone in Napa / Sonoma … and let’s wake up … the weather is real … the planet is burning …”

Mourad Lahlo, the chef-owner of Mourad in San Francisco, shared the same sentiment: “My heart is broken. Another sign has fallen. Many dreams. So much work. My brother @ Cacosto, his team, and the whole family here, words of my sadness and Can’t express heartbreak enough. You’ll grow again; that’s for sure. “

Many two area chefs have been known and worked over the years with chef Christopher Costo and the Midwood team, including Tanya Holland of Brown Sugar Kitchen, who shared photos of the memorable night at the restaurant.

“How is it possible that @Madowoodnapavalley is gone?” Holland wrote on Instagram. “I am forever grateful to @Closto and the team for the incredible night of hospitality and delicious memories.”

But Meadowwood’s dedicated fanbase just seems to be the area beyond the bay area. David Chang, the founder of New York-based Momofuku and television personality, tweeted the news to share his grief.

“Shaf Costo is a dreamer and helped build a magical restaurant,” wrote Chang. “Dedicated many years to creating one of the very best in the world and meadowwood. Incredibly sad. F2020.”

The chef behind New York City’s Wilder and Contra, Jemrium Stone and Fabian von Huske Valteira also expressed their support and appreciation for Meadowwood.

Stone wrote on Instagram, “I’m completely in shock. Meadowwood is burning.” “A supernatural place where he thought anything could be fixed. We were basically told to leave a three star restaurant one night and flee to Medwood for refuge. The team there [is] What literally defines[s] Hospitality.

Dalein Wells is an SFGate reporter. Email: [email protected] | Twitter: @ madwells22