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Extensive support for Biden’s stimulus bill

While the president in Congress has struggled to find any Republicans who would support his American rescue plan, GOP legislators are unwilling to support the ખર્ચ 1.9 trillion in federal spending that the bill requires. However the picture is much bigger across the country 76 for% Janata calls on Congress to pass law.

A recent third stimulus for this popularity may be the proposed stimulus investigation, which offers eligible Americans up to $ 1,400 in direct payments, included within the bill. Up to 200 1,200 checks were given in the first large-scale bill, but that was it Signed last March And since then there has been very little in the direction of direct payments.

The emergency bill, signed in December, provided a stimulus check for $ 600, but there is a clear need for a second burst of spending to help Americans struggling to put food on the table. Recent estimates suggest that the U.S. The number of people in has been placed Surprisingly 27 million are experiencing some form of food poverty.