CES 2021 is the subject of epidemic tech

Samsung’s robotic handy robot is the company’s vision for a “better new normal” as more people work, cook, eat and immerse themselves in recipes at home during the global epidemic than ever before. As seen in the video shown at the Virtual 2021 CES Consumer Tech Show on Monday, Butt Handy is handcuffed around the house; Not just to pick up some unfinished work but to remind you of upcoming meetings and to stretch your legs if you have been sitting for too long.

It’s only in the current development – no pricing or release date has been announced – but Samsung said it’s part of a larger effort to make the technology easier to make your life easier. The company said in a description of its session on the CES website that your in-house techniques need to work hard to adjust to this new normal.

Companies large and small showed off their new innovations at a closely watched tech trade show, which kicked off on Monday with many features connected to life during the epidemic. There’s a maskphone, a built-in N95 filter that covers the face, earbuds and a microphone for making calls, and a wearable for an ear named Cove that claims its gentle vibrations to control anxiety and stress.
For the kitchen, manufacturer Kohler showed voice control features for its sinks and other fixtures, so homeowners could turn on the faucet without ever touching them. UK startup handsets are immersed in built-in artificial intelligence to guide people through hygiene technologies in hospitals, office fees and public places.
The maskphone covers the face, with a built-in N95 filter, earbuds and a microphone for making calls.

Epidemic tech theme also took a step out of the house. Deliver Keeping in mind the growth of online delivery, folk manufacturer Yale has announced that it is now shipping its smart delivery b shipping to pirates to stay safe when it comes to porch pirates. The delivery person places a package in the storage box, which is automatically locked, and the homeowner is notified.

While some of these products, such as Boat Handy, may seem a bit eccentric, ABI research analyst Jonathan Collins said making money from items that help automate household chores is certain. The market research firm’s સ્માર્ટ 88 billion smart home market grew 6.7% in 2020 compared to 2019. However, that is well below the 11 11 billion pre-epidemic expectations.
What to expect at the first all-digital CES in 2021
Even products that weren’t particularly epidemiological can still tap into the way we live. Surprisingly new TV, the mainstay of CES events, seems all the more appropriate this year as we hang out at home, clinging to the TV and always being more conscious of our surroundings. LG, for example, creates an atmosphere of excitement on its new 55-inch transparent TV, a screen you can see when off.

In the meantime, the Panasonic hair dryer that you don’t need to move – the built-in cilator does all the work for you – at the time some people even made a fuss, while many people didn’t even earn a proper haircut. Long.

People are turning to CES to gain an understanding of where technology is going in the coming years. Looks like events, but this year’s event is about the industry that re-shaped the epidemic in our lives last year.

With vaccines on the horizon, it’s not clear how we’ll be stuck at home in large numbers, but these tech companies bet that even if the epidemic ends, our habits won’t change completely.