Cats Illustrated – Four Big Tide Stories

Sunday was a very good day for the future of Kentucky’s football program, picking up the state’s No. 1 player, Jagger Burton, Wildcats.

Here’s a detailed look at what the other big themes in the class mean.

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More on Jagger Burton’s decision

Over the years you have read a lot about Jagger Burton and others on this website. Let’s find out what his decision means a little more.

Burton is the top-ranked internal lineman who has been recruited to commit during the entire era with Kentucky or during 2002-2002. This includes all players listed on guard or center with the exception of Justin Rogers, who was listed as an offensive lineman but was recruited to play defense.

Think about it. The highest-ranked player in one of two places – and two places where Kentucky has been pretty good for the better part of the last decade – have been recruiting for 20 years.

Drake Jackson, a center, had a four-star prospect but was ranked out of the opponent 250 (in terms of fire, it should be higher).

Assuming there is no change in the state rankings (and we fully expect Burton to be the first ranked player in the state, unless Jentzen Dunn pushes until late), Burton will be the Commonwealth No. 1 ranked player to sign with. Wildcats after Landon Young during the 2016 recruitment cycle.

As we said, Vince Moro has really helped turn the tide of Kentucky state recruitment over the last two or three recruitment cycles, and the way he has locked ging-filled talent like North Hardin and Frederick Douglas will help the program over the years. To come.

John Schlerman also deserves special mention in Burton’s recruitment. The testimony of Kentucky’s current and recent offensive linemen weighs heavily on players, especially local linemen like Burton, and the inspiring presence and personality of Schleerman, with his undeniable outcome with the unit, played a big role with Burton.

While Burton is listed as a guard, at 6’4, 270 pounds listed, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he could even get a look at the guard or the center. Illustrated sources of cats said Burton may need a little refinement to finally get attention at the center, so guarding and coping seems particularly possible, but “all five places” are on the table. We have also been told that its listed height and weight are now accurate.

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Prepare to blow Christian Lewis ’stock

Christian Lewis Pleasant Grove, Ala., In the season opener of both teams on Friday, Team Ox Oxford, Ala. Pleasant Grove led 20-15 at halftime before Ox Xford won 29-28.

Lewis had three touchdown receptions, all in the first half, and he showed off his skills to the fullest.

Andzone had a great adjustment and diving grab at less than a full throw. There was a long pass, during which he made a defensive back and finished the trot in the endozone after the catch. There was a throw between him that he took to the field and from all its length to go home.

It was in the zone, and it all came down to one of the South’s top defensive backs, the Four Star 2022 Cornwall K Trakwon Fagans.

The cats learned over the illustrated weekend that Lewis does factime with Kentucky early on Friday. Apparently he has a very strong relationship with his main recruiter, John Small ral lur, and he was on the road during the spring evaluation period last year that gave the cats a way inside and gave them a chance to secure a big commitment. A player on a position that has proven difficult to recruit for the program in recent years.

This early season of Lewis raises the question: How difficult will it be for ‘cats’ to catch him?

A balanced approach to crime would certainly not be harmed by seeing more Kentucky transitions, and the more success cats have in the throwing game, the better their chances.

But then the spirit of those with an understanding of Lewis’s recruitment believes that Kentucky will catch up, preventing Alabama from getting involved.

What to make in Kentucky’s class rankings

With the top-4 recruiting class and the eight-win season that ended so quickly, many Kentucky fans are hoping that their Wildcats class No. 1 Will rank higher than 43, which now follows Burton’s commitment.

While this class won’t get as high a rank as the ‘14 or ’20 classes that landed in Lexington, one can point to an optimist that the ‘15 and ’17 classes, perhaps compared to the close, turned out just fine.

So what should we make in the rankings?

It’s not that there aren’t many high profile recruits in Kentucky. And they seem to have addressed some of their biggest need areas with which players are more on the board. There are not many four-star players in the state this year (two) compared to the previous two classes (eight and five, respectively). Indeed, last year’s rankings were more about last year’s class than this year’s. Kentucky hit on a really strong clip with fairly highly rated players.

That explains last year, but this year a simple revelation makes sense: while Kentucky’s class ranks 43rd, take a closer look.

JUCO linebacker Joko Willis is a guy that a lot of people are very excited about, but he is completely unranked. If Willis had 7. three three stars instead of being numbered without a sequence, Kentucky’s class no. No. Ma would be numbered. The star average will look completely different. Than the UK average per recruitment star ranking. will be greater than.

Then consider that the Punter Wilson Berry is a 5.2 RR. If Berry had a 5.4 RR two-star probability instead of 5.2, the class would be in the top 35, ahead of Washington, South Carolina, Mississippi State and Penn State.

Not only that, but there are 11 teams still Next up will be the lower star ranking.

Much of the difference between that view and reality has not been given to Joko Willis. And there really can’t be any flaws. It’s better to be fit than to speed it up, and Willis has nothing to evaluate recently.

It’s not a lot of “if, and, but” work. It should explain how much difference there really is in these many categories.

Noah Josie Update

Four Star Tennessee offensive linemen Noah Josie He is still waiting to hear from Stanford whether he will be accepted academically by the school. Everything has been submitted at its end.

It’s not so easy to say, “Josie goes to Stanford if he admits, not if he goes to Kentucky (or somewhere else).” It remains to be seen if Stanford plans to move on.

One story to watch in the very near future is that four-star Massachusetts outrageous lineman Drew Kendall will decide his college. The word is that it is torn between Stanford, Michigan and Boston College Ledge. If Kendall picks up Stanford, that’s probably good news for Kentucky with Josie. In general that kind of thinking should not be taken too far, but there are interconnected parts and dominoes effects, without question.