Spain approves euthanasia law – CNN

Socialist Party MP Maria Luisa Carcedo said during the final debate that the majority in Parliament today is witness to people who are sick, who have been begging for this right for years. He cites the case of a paralyzed Spaniard named Ramon Sampedro, who committed suicide in 1998, a …

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26 million people under severe storms in the south fed by tornadoes

The tornado, which borders parts of Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi on Wednesday, will extend southward on Thursday and begin moving toward Sliver in Carolinas, Georgia and Virginia, officials have warned. According to the National Weather Service, hurricanes, tornadoes and hail are likely to hit east-central Georgia, northeast South Carolina, South …

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“Weather beasts in our solar system” – powerful stratospheric winds first measured on Jupiter

Atacama large millimeter / submillimeter array (Alma), Including the European Southern Observatory (E.S.O.) Is a partner, a team of astronomers measured the wind directly JupiterModerate atmosphere for the first time. Analyzing the aftermath of a comet’s collision since the 1990s, researchers revealed extremely powerful winds near Jupiter’s poles at speeds …

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