What we bought: Our favorite USB-C chargers

Moffy Powerstation XXL Igor Bonifacek / Anjedet At best, most power banks don’t look like that, and – at worst, it’s equally ugly to sin. I’m not afraid to admit that I initially bought Moffy’s imaginatively named PowerStation XXL because I think it looks beautiful with its fabric cover. But …

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Tesla’s’ full self-driving ‘beta test draws federal security regulators’ attention

Federal regulators are monitoring the rollout of Tesla’s “complete self-driving” experiment. This week, AutoTomeker began testing its latest state-of-the-art driver assistance software with a select group of customers, and yet, the government is taking a wait-and-see approach. In a statement, U.S. A spokesman for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration …

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Purity metrology closes on dark matter

Dark Matter and Gas Simulation in Credit: Illustrated Collaboration. Optical clocks and crystalline silicon cavities are improved that can improve the fields and particles in a sample of possible interactions and standards of dark matter. Optical clocks are so accurate that it would take 20 billion years longer than the …

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