The clock is ticking for the core of the earth

On the Earth’s crust, temperatures remain relatively constant throughout the year. However, under the crust, beneath our feet is an incredibly warm place – the main part of the earth! From driving plate tectonics to protecting us from solar radiation, the origin of the Earth is not only interesting, but, …

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BBC rejects report: Jodi Whitaker is leaving – Deadline

The BBC declined to comment on reports that Jodi Whitker would hang her sonic screwdriver and leave her as the 13th doctor in the British Broadcasters’ iconic science series. Dr. Doctor. Well-connected Nikola Mathew wrote in the Daily Mirror that Whitaker’s departure is being kept under wraps, while shooting on …

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The Harvard professor claims in his new book that alien debris passed close to Earth in 2017. This has attracted both suspicion and intrigue.

The artist’s imprint shows the first known interstellar object object to visit the solar system, “Omuamua”, which was discovered in Hawaii on October 19, 2017 by the Pen-Stars 1 Telescope. European Southern Observatory / m. Handout by Cornmaser / Writers In 2017, scientists discovered the first sign of intelligent life …

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