News reminding San Diegons to safely celebrate Halloween during COVID-19

News conference video County health officials remind people that traditional Halloween celebrations are not advised under state or local health guidelines, and large gatherings are not allowed. Halloween celebrations – such as parties and, individually, door-to-door tricks અથવા or treating – have a high risk of spreading COVID-19 and are …

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We need to work now to control COVID for the holidays

Holidays that are full of complexity are neither fun nor comfortable. (Pixels) As the Covid-1 transmission continues to grow in Washington, officials are warning residents to follow public health guidelines to avoid “increased risk” during the holidays. If you must travel for the holidays, be ‘aware of the dangers involved’ …

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Coronavirus immunity lasts for months, the study finds

The report seems confusing and contradictory to a similar report from outside Britain this week, not really. An army of immune compounds is produced in people’s bodies in response to infection, and some are overwhelming at first, dying quickly, while others build up more slowly. A new report on Wednesday …

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