Castlevania Cosplay Summons Seductive Alucard

Castlevania It has been a huge hit on the Netflix streaming service, with the anime creating a series that follows the video game franchise with the Belmont Clan trying to take down the vampire king, Dracula, and a fan has honored a Belmonts ally with a seductive cosplay from Dracula’s son Alucard. In the third season of CastlevaniaAlucard himself struggles with the idea that he’s slowly transforming into the same type of monster as his father, and with season four already confirmed, we look forward to seeing where the vampire / human hybrid will go in the future!

Alucard has been an instrumental part of the vampire slayer triumvirate, perhaps being the single most important character to deliver the death blow to his own father, killing Dracula and leaving the world a very different place at the end of the second season. In the third season, Alucard is living in his deceased father’s castle and is apparently going insane from his loneliness, even going so far as to create small replicas of Trevor and Sypha. As he gains two students seeking to learn his experience of killing vampires, as well as the magic he has within himself, his eventual betrayal brings him even closer to following in his father’s footsteps.

Instagram cosplayer Alice Yuric shared this awesome Alucard Cosplay that can bring to life a real son of Dracula, after the tragic events that took place for the character in Season 3, and before the future tragic events of Season 4:

Alucard himself is easily one of the most popular protagonists of Castlevania, be the hero of what many consider the best game in the franchise in Castlevania: Symphony of Darkness.

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