Cardi B deletes his Twitter account

“I’m so bored that I’m constantly explaining myself because of you,” said Cardi, who recently reconciled with Seth Fassett after applying for a divorce. “I didn’t put my divorce there, a court clerk put it there. And people are rumoring that, ‘Oh, this guy has a girl pregnant,’ this and that address me.”

Cardi then complained about the comments made by her fans about the set facet.

“You guys want to annoy this N —-. Brother, if I’m working, why are you going to this N —- ‘s Twitter to annoy him?” F — Ins sense. , ”She said.

She also recently commented on being seen smoking cigarettes and clarified that she does not smoke because of stress about her relationship with Offset.

“I’m bored, and I was drinking on my birthday,” she explained.

“Set Faset is not the only F-King problem I work with,” Cardi said. “To be honest with you, my marriage, I have the least concern right now.

He added, “I love my fans and I am grateful and thankful for everything you do, but some of you actually behave like I’m sleeping with you.”

As of Sunday night (October 18), the rapper’s Instagram account is still active.

Listen to some of Cardi’s comments from her ending Instagram live session now below.