‘Captain Covid’: Recruit Democrats Seek Black Support for Democrat Trump Election of 2020

The party greeted Georgia’s Black Democratic State representative, Vernon Jones, as a rock star as he crossed party lines in support of Donald Trump at the Republican National Convention. Now comes the evidence that the label has gone over his head.

At Trump’s rally in Macon, Georgia, on Friday night, Jones broke the throat of a concertgoer in Dingy by electro dance legend Steve Aoki after the argument started with the worst and most advisable dangerous crowd.

Raising his toes and not wearing a mask, the 59-year-old MLA landed himself in a largely maskless audience. Jeans Jones was moved from an insulting to an abusive place to use a term for Jones Jones, a proponent of the Covid-19 social distance guide, packed tightly together in violation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, riding in a sea of ​​red muga hats. Cited in a tweet Stunt rescue.

“Yeah, I surfed that bunch!” Jones Wrote. “To those who hate – be mad! November 3, you will be even more mad.

On social media, the reaction was quick and brutal. A Twitter user dubbed JonesCaptain Covid”. Others denounced him as a fool and a loser, living Fairytale land.

Republicans hope Jones, who was first elected to the Georgia State House in 1992, can help advance the Black Republican vote in his state. Trump defeated Georgia by more than five points in 2016 over Hillary Clinton, but recent polls have shown President J. Dean almost two and a half points behind.

Race has also emerged as a major theme in Georgia’s tight-knit U.S. Senate contests, with both Democratic candidates, Rafael Warnock and John Osoff, narrowly leading, according to this week’s Quinnipiac poll.

One of the Republicans, David Perdue, was involved in setting fire to Trump’s Mancun rally when he demanded the name of Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, the first black woman on the party’s presidential ticket.

Perdu’s campaign claimed it was an innocent mistake, but the OSOF, in an interview with MSNBC, attacked his opponent for “vile, race-biting trash talk.”

In the second contest, a special election in which Black Pastor, Kelly Loffler of the Vernon Republican Party and Doug Collins, both serving Republican Congressmen, served as Quenn’s Specter Moto Looms. Lofler has acknowledged the support of far-right congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Green, an ardent peddler of baseless Q-Anon doctrines expressing racist views in social media posts.

At the Republican convention in August Gust, as one of the first nightly numbers of color to deliver the same message, Jones erupted to handle racial issues by Democrats.

“Why are lifelong Democrats speaking at the Republican National Convention?” He said in a controversial speech that he later said it was intended to be a “shock to culture”.

“The Democratic Party does not want black people to give up their mental plantations. We have been forced there for decades and generations. “

Jones resigned from the Georgia House meeting in April after first backing Trump. However, he reversed his decision days later, claiming that he had “overwhelming support.”