Cameron County Officials Emphasize Residents Be Cautious Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases

Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño Jr. held a press conference Friday to provide an update on the coronavirus in the county.

At the conference, Treviño addressed the growing number of cases in the county and in the state. “The projections are such that we should be concerned in the coming weeks,” Trevino said of the increasing number of cases in the state of Texas.

The Cameron County Health Authority, Dr. James W. Castillo II, asked the public to book by calling 9-1-1 for emergencies only. He explained that many people go to emergency rooms to receive a COVID-19 test.

“Most people will get better at home,” said Dr. Castillo. We need to save emergency rooms and ambulances for emergencies. “

Castillo explained that health-related conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and obesity are very common in residents of the Rio Grande Valley, and warned that “this virus could especially affect us.”

Additionally, Castillo warned residents that they may have allergies or respiratory conditions to stay home this weekend when the expected Saharan dust arrives.

Watch the video above for more details.