Cam Newton’s signature means the Patriots dynasty is not yet dead

In one fell swoop, entering Sunday night to sign Cam Newton for a year, Bill Belichick reminded the soccer world why you never dismissed him.

Newton, if he is healthy, immediately changes the landscape of the AFC East.

Sorry, Adam Gase. Sorry Jets. Sorry, Bills.

The Patriots don’t regret as much as you thought they might be with Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

A healthy Cam Newton with a massive chip on his strengthened shoulder ends the entire speech of a rebuilding season in New England, and gives the Patriots a legitimate chance to capture their 12th consecutive AFC East title.

And a healthy Cam Newton gives Belichick a chance to beat Brady in a seventh Super Bowl.

Because I know this about Cam Newton: Following in the footsteps of Brady’s GOAT won’t bother him in the least.

After all the gnashing of teeth in New England about Jarrett Stidham and / or Brian Hoyer replacing Brady, Newton comes to the rescue.

Cam Newton and Bill BelichickPaul Bereswill, AP

He has a chance to win his first Super Bowl ring after losing Super Bowl 50 to the Broncos.

“I am excited because I don’t know what at the moment,” Newton wrote on Instagram. “All praise to God. … I hope you are ready. #LETSgoPATS “.

Newton has been a shell of himself for most of the past two seasons. First a shoulder injury, followed by surgery. Then, a foot injury, followed by surgery that sabotaged his 2019 season and prompted Panthers new coach Matt Rhule to release him in April.

It’s an incentive-laden deal worth up to $ 7.5 million, and Newton will have all the incentive in the world to demonstrate that he can return to an elite level and secure a monstrous free agent contract by 2021 and beyond.

This is what Giants cornerback James Bradberry told me in April about his former Panthers quarterback: “I think he will have a bigger chip on his shoulder than anyone else in the league.” Everyone is against him. I know you want to prove that everyone who doubts is wrong.

And remember this: Newton is only 31 or 12 years younger than Brady when (and if) the season begins.

And remember this: Belichick has always had a gift for making the most of talented players who fit one reason or another to find their way to the open market.

Randy Moss was 30 years old when he and Brady brought the Patriots to the brink of a perfect season before meeting Eli Manning and the Giants in Super Bowl XLII.

Here was Belichick after re-signing Moss for a three-year, $ 27 million contract after that Super Bowl.

“What Randy did for our team last year was outstanding,” he said. “He is one of our most consistent, competitive, and team-oriented players.”

The era of good feelings lasted three years before Belichick unloaded mercurial moss to the Vikings in 2010.

Belichick does not have to worry about Newton this season.

He’ll have to worry about losing a third-round pick from 2021 and Bob Kraft will have to worry about the club being fined $ 1.1 million for his latest video-recording scandal, from the Cincinnati press box, of all places.

A grotesque reminder that Belichick simply cannot help it.

On a night that helped immensely for 2020.

Sorry, Adam Gase. Sorry Jets. Sorry, Bills.

The dynasty that everyone thought was dead is not yet dead.