BTS Finds Light in Sunny ‘Stay Gold’ Video: Watch

BTS released the hopeful music video for their latest Japanese single “Stay Gold” on Friday (June 26).

In the clip, K-pop idols find themselves trapped and separated in a series of crumbling and desolate stages as they collectively dream of sharing a sunlight-filled hang filled with golden confetti that fills the air.

“Stay gold, even in your dreams / Stay gold, I will find you / Stay gold, gold, I want to touch you / Stay gold, your whole being / Stay gold, captivate me / Stay gold, I want you as mine”, sing the bandmates in the romantic chorus of the song. (English translation provided by YouTube). As the track climaxes, the septet manages to escape its various hiding places and join a field covered in purple flowers, trees, and a flowing stream.

“Stay Gold” serves as the lead single for BTS’s upcoming Japanese fourth studio album, Soul Map: 7 ~ The Journey ~, which will launch on July 15 through Big Hit Entertainment. The LP will also include Japanese versions of the band’s litany of recent hits such as “Boy With Luv”, “Dionysus”, “On” and “Fake Love”, as well as two other original Japanese language offerings: “Your Eyes Tell” and “Lights”. (“Stay Gold”, meanwhile, also serves as a theme song for the Japanese television drama Spiral Maze – DNA Science.)

Check out the sunny “Stay Gold” video below.