Bruce Arians: Tom Brady is “way ahead of the curve”

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The Buccaneers, if they haven’t heard, have a new quarterback. On Tuesday, reporters asked coach Bruce Arians to assess Tom Brady’s readiness level for 2020.

“He’s way ahead of the curve,” said Arians of Brady. “He is a very brilliant guy, the terminology was the most important thing. As we get together starting tomorrow, we will start collaborating a little more. So yeah, I think he’s in a great place now when it comes to that. “

Arians echoed a common theme of the past few months regarding Brady’s flexibility and the Buccaneers’ offense.

“[I]It’s a dual thing, “said Arians,” him learning what we do, me learning what he likes, meeting in the middle and doing many different things. I’m not going to ask the other 21 guys to learn something new when they’ve had a good year and good offensive experiences. I would have liked to have had a couple of preseason games, but it didn’t work that way. “

Despite not having formal practices with Brady, Brady has had many informal practices with his teammates. But there is still concern that some players will freak out with their new high-profile teammate.

“All the guys who have been working with him see his level of intensity even in that kind of training and they only know that they will intensify when we really get out,” Arians said. “It was great. You would have hoped we would have had spring practice so everyone could get over the shock, especially the young players, with Tom Brady coming into the locker room, and [Rob Gronkowski]. We’ll get over it, I think maybe in a week: each boy will have enough [confidence] to go talk to him

Arians explained that Brady still has a lot of work to do, despite his informal sessions with his teammates.

“I think his biggest concern is having no live representatives so far,” said Arians. “Missing all those reps in the spring, especially against a defense like ours, where you’ll see multiple looks all the time.” Then simply by getting in shape and reducing reaction time. I think he will know where to go with the ball, it’s just a matter of putting him in enough situations, maximum speed situations, that he is ready to play a game. “

Still, when the time comes to play, the Buccaneers will have the benefit of one of the best quarterbacks to play the game.

“[W]when you walk in the group, it’s different, ”said Arians of Brady. “This guy has six rings and he knows what he’s doing.”

In fact it does. And it will be great to see what he does with the Buccaneers, assuming and waiting for the games to play.