Broncos’ Von Miller Holds Virtual Pass Summit

Smith, who now trains players on the fast pass, shared a clip from the summit on Saturday morning on YouTube.

“You all know that I am a big fan of all of you, and I think we can all learn something from each other and that is why we are here,” Miller said in the video. “That is why we have all joined this summit of rushing passes, to bond, learn and improve. I always had the mentality that once you indulge yourself it is when you go downhill.”

NFL Network’s James Palmer detailed the session on Friday. NFL NOW.

“It’s kind of a movie studio in a sense,” Palmer said. “Where Chuck Smith, the passing guru, went through the movie for certain guys, and they were able to talk about what they did in that situation. And different groups on the panel were able to ask them why they did this, why they used their move turn in this particular case. “

The summit lasted approximately 20 minutes longer than the planned 90 minutes, and some 700 people, including high school athletes, watched the session online, according to Palmer.

It was also a charity event for, Palmer added. Miller tested positive for the virus in April and launched the campaign to help provide more than 500,000 meals to those facing hunger due to COVID-19.