The theory points to the identity of the Hawk Power Merchant and the Winter Soldier


One of the greatest mysteries of Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the identity of the Power trader. Although we have some clues and several villains passing through the series, perhaps the answer is the least expected by fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Yes i’m talking about Sharon carter.

The character was introduced in Captain America: Winter Soldier and quickly developed a beautiful friendship with Steve Rogers, while pretending to be his neighbor, actually serving as a costumed protector for the character. Soon, she proved her loyalty to him, participating in his battles and even committing a crime to defend him in Civil War. However, in the series, we see that Sharon has undergone a major change.

But what are the clues that may have generated such a theory?

First, the name of the episode is Merchant of Power, the name of the mysterious villain, but who seems to have no presence in the episode. However, the episode presents the situation of Sharon, who did not enjoy the same forgiveness that Sam and Bucky received as Avengers. Knowing this, she adopted the role of an outlaw and became a ‘merchant’ of stolen goods. Live well in Madripoor, in the upper city, with a lot of luxury.

Okay, Zemo refers to the Power Merchant with male pronouns (also in the English version), but he also admits that he never met the person in person. Then you ask: But Zemo has been in prison since the Civil War, how could she be the Merchant? So maybe it’s not the original, but someone who replaced it.

What gives the theory more force is that at the end of the episode, she talks to a driver and informs him that she has some problems to solve. Before that, we see that he has a very unusual way of dealing with criminals, using brute force and very violent, disproportionate acts, without hesitation or regret.

And then we have the second question: And why are you taking the boys to see Dr. Nagel? So, we have to realize that it is a way to ‘burn files’, since you could imagine that the result would be that and also to increase the value of the samples that you already have.

Regardless, a possible introduction of Sharon as a villain would bring a fascinating and interesting twist. This would give the character more depth and also a huge shock to Sam and Bucky, who would realize that not everyone can be trusted and that no one can be left behind. After all, Sharon only hit rock bottom because she was forgotten by her former allies.