On the eve of Gre-Nal, Inter receives a R $ 50 million proposal for Praxedes | International


While waiting for Gre-Nal to start, Praxedes has your name involved in a possible negotiation. Rest on the table of President Alessandro Barcellos an offer of 7.5 million euros (R $ 50.34 million at current prices) from the Inter midfielder. The name of the club is kept confidential. The information was released by Rádio Bandeirantes and confirmed by give.

+ Praxedes reviews his career at Inter and explains his role with Ramírez

The offer arrived in Beira-Rio a few days ago. The management analyzes the values ​​to know if they accept it or not. As is the classic on Saturday night, the focus is on the game. However, a new round of talks will take place in the coming days.

Bruno Praxedes will start at the Gre-Nal this Saturday at the Arena – Photo: Ricardo Duarte / Inter Disclosure

Praxedes was signed by Inter do Fluminense in 2019, still for the youth teams. He became one of the protagonists of winning the São Paulo Junior Soccer Cup last year.

The performance caught the attention of Eduardo Coudet, who soon promoted the boy. Despite this, the midfielder only signed with Abel Braga, already at the end of the year. With the arrival of Miguel Ángel Ramírez, he continued among the main pieces, but won new commissions.

Today he works closer to the area and has one of the obligations of shooting more at goal. In search of the first goal of the season, he is the player who finishes most of the team, with 11 attempts.

Bruno Praxedes, from Rio de Janeiro, arrived in Porto Alegre at the age of 17, after the club bought 50% of the player’s rights and removed him from Fluminense. Since the beginning of the year, Inter was negotiating to acquire another percentage of the athlete, and now, it obtains 70% of its rights. The other 30% is divided between businessman (20%) and Fluminense (10%).

Waiting for a result on the future, Praxedes prepares for the classic 430 of history. The midfielder will be the starter of the match, which will take place at 10.15 pm, in the Arena. Inter lead Gauchão with 17 points, three more than Grêmio, in second place.