Miriam Leitão says that Bolsonaro’s government is over and says that only those who wanted to be wrong


However, she herself sold illusions with what could be the management of Paulo Guedes in the economy edit

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247 – The journalist Miriam Leitão, who acted in the 2016 coup, spreading the fraudulent thesis of fiscal pedaling, a pretext used to overthrow democracy, writes on Sunday that the government of Jair Bolsonaro is over and that only those who believed will believe. “The Bolsonaro government is over, but it is not over yet,” he wrote in his column.

“The end of the government is seen everywhere. It has become a dead weight. The dismantling in the economic area is visible. On Thursday the president of Banco do Brasil, Hélio Magalhães, resigned and was accompanied by the advisor José Monfort. Many people left. Those who made a mistake with this administration did so because they wanted to “, he says.” The government is over, but the fact that it is not finished weighs tons in the country. ”

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