In BBB21, Fiuk praises Juliette, proposes reconciliation and hears from his sister: ‘I’ve never been armed for you’ | BBB House


The two embrace and, after a moment of silence, Fiuk proposes: “When you want to be serious, Will we try to be serious once? We deserve“.” I try, “says Juliette, and Fiuk continues:”I see you different for the first time“. Paraibana celebrates the declaration of the paulista and explains:” You know that I am not a fake, I wouldn’t play with you so much if I didn’t like it“.

Juliette agrees and adds, “I know, and I always knew it wasn’t out of spite, it was simply because I didn’t see myself.. And I always said that ‘you don’t see me fiuk‘. It wasn’t evil, it was simply because you didn’t want to see it. But he was always like, ‘Oh, I’m here, Fiuk!’ “.

Fiuk explains his impressions: “But now it seems I saw you unarmed, it’s weird, I can’t explain it“.

Juliette listens and says: “You saw me unarmed, but I was never armed for you“Fiuk agrees and justifies himself:” I know, now i think i understand“. Juliette concludes:”I expect, Because I like you very much”.

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