Fiuk says Thaís inspired him with his post


While the brothers were enjoying tonight’s party on “BBB 2021” (TV Globo), Fiuk pushed Thaís to speak on the dance floor. Fábio Jr.’s son recalled a conversation they had with Camilla the night before, in which Fiuk complained that his sister was rude to him and praised Tha’s position in the situation.

Remember when Cami said “good night” and I came back and fell asleep? And then I lay down and said ‘I’m going to sleep’, and you said ‘no, I’m going to take a position now, I won’t be silent anymore.’ You inspired me, Tatá. So I went back and said what I thought. Do you remember I came back after you said that? You helped me too.

“Really, Fiuk? Because you’ve already helped me a lot,” Thaís says and the two hug after exchanging compliments.

Fiuk then recalled the moment his sister inspired him during their conversation last night.

Because the situation was very silly there, there was no fight. The best thing he could do was turn to Juliette and say ‘man, damn it, stop causing it!’ And that was it. But when I saw it, you said something and I said, ‘look! You can believe!’. I got up and said, ‘I didn’t like it. Oh Tatá, inspiring me!

“Look, the plant!”, Thaís jokes and his brother reply: “Don’t forget that the plant has its time. It grows, it bears its fruits.”

The sister laughs and says, “I hope it keeps growing for another week!”

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