Brad Pitt goes by his middle name

Superstar Brad Pitt recently received his first Oscar for his portrayal of Cliff Booth in the 2019 movie. Once upon a time in Hollywood. Rising to fame in the 1990s, the Academy Award winner has shown that he can take on a wide range of roles.

While his name is synonymous with Hollywood, Pitt chose to use his middle name when he embarked on an acting career. Some fans may still not be aware of his given nickname.

Brad Pitt speaks on stage at the Maltin Modern Master Award honoring Brad Pitt during the 35th Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Brad Pitt | Rebecca Sapp / Getty Images for SBIFF

The ‘Ad Astra’ star wanted to be a journalist

Born in Shawnee, Oklahoma, Pitt grew up in Springfield, Missouri. The oldest of three children, the Oscar winner originally planned a career in journalism and continued his studies at the University of Missouri.

“It was one of the best J schools in the country, and I had loved it All the President’s MenSo the idea of ​​investigative journalism appealed to me, ”he told Leonard Maltin about his university at the 35th Santa Barbara International Film Festival in January, according to Collider. “And then it didn’t happen.”

Pitt ended up dropping out of school just two weeks before completing his bachelor’s degree to embark on an acting career.

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“I started to feel more attracted to design and perhaps magazine design, but I have always loved cinema,” Pitt shared. “It just wasn’t an option in southern Missouri or Missouri.”

Academy Award winner arrives in Hollywood

the Se7en Star told Maltin that his desire for show business was greater than his love for news writing, so he headed for the west coast.

“I had always regretted that there was no movie avenue in southern Missouri, and it occurred to me that I could go and I literally loaded the car. I didn’t graduate, ”Pitt revealed. “All I had to do was turn in a quarter job, but in my head, it was over. I was going west.

Pitt immediately sought work as an extra on television and movie sets, and quickly put his name on the road.

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“I landed and went straight to McDonald’s,” the Thelma and Louise star recalled. “I had $ 275 in my name, and I saw in the newspaper that you could sign up for an extra job, so I signed up at three places. You had to pay $ 25, and a week later, it was for an industrial movie, but I was delighted. ”

Missouri State Class of 2020 receives virtual visit from Brad Pitt

Pitt showed his loyalty to his hometown and recently thanked Missouri State University graduates who attended a virtual ceremony due to the coronavirus crisis.

“Hello everyone, Brad here in quarantine with a hello to the Missouri State University graduate class!” Pitt said in the video, posted on the university’s Twitter account. “It must be very strange to do this in these difficult times, but I know we are supporting you.”

Pitt encouraged the Class of 2020 to work harder and pursue his dreams. “Our money is in you to make this world a better place. And we wish them the best in their future endeavors, ”he told the graduates. “You did it! Enjoy, congratulations again, and think big.”

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Apparently Pitt still uses his middle name Brad, even with residents of his hometown. The Oscar winner’s first name is actually William, although perhaps the monosyllable nickname “Brad Pitt” was the best choice for Hollywood.