Boris Johnson is set to take England out of the lockdown

Johnson will tell the House Commons on Monday afternoon that by March 8, schools will finally reopen in England, as well as sit on park benches and have coffee, with some very limited compensation for outdoor social interaction, which is not currently valid.

The Prime Minister will also announce that by March 29, as schools go on their Easter holiday, further restrictions on social interactions will be lifted, groups of six will be allowed to meet outside the home and throughout homes, so that it becomes social. Special emphasis was placed on the desire to give something to the elderly and vulnerable people in Downing Street, who have now been vaccinated, who have been separated from their families for almost a year.

Downing Street insisted that this is a planned move and should the Covid-19 situation in England get worse, they could be pushed back and the country kept in lockdown.

The news comes as the UK’s vaccine rollout continues to lead the rest of Europe, while scientific research has shown that vaccination reduces the risk of hospitalization by up to %%%.

Scientists from the University of Edinburgh, St. Thocklid and Public Health Scotland examined data from people who received the first dose of the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine. According to the UK news agency PA Media, the data showed that four weeks after taking the pill, the risk of hospitalization was reduced to 85% and 94%, respectively, according to the UK news agency PA Media. As of Monday morning, the UK has given the first dose to 17.5 million people, while the pace at which it can be vaccinated is increasing.

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Monday’s announcement from the Prime Minister will mark a four-step path out of the lockdown. Johnson will later tell legislators that his government’s decisions “will be based on the latest data at every step, and we will be careful about this approach so as not to undo the progress we have made so far.”

The country will set the speed of exit from the lockdown against four key tests: how the vaccine rollout works; How the vaccine affects hospitalization and death; Infection rates remain low; New types weakening the other three tests.

Johnson says his priority is to “always bring children back to school as we know they are crucial to their education as well as their mental and physical well-being, and we will also prioritize the way people reunite with loved ones.”

It is likely that its cautious approach and focus on schools and families instead of economics will criticize its numerous Conservative backbenchers, who have been pushing for a quick exit from the lockdown since the summer. At the time, the infection rate had dropped and government sources told CNN at the time that the spread of priorities had led to a shift toward restarting the hospitality industry. As the summer months came to an end, the infection returned and the virus mutated, urgent action was needed to stop the spread.