Bolton says Trump turned a blind eye to the coronavirus: “There was an empty chair in the Oval Office”

On CNN Wednesday, in an interview with host Wolf Blitzer, former national security adviser John Bolton accused President Donald Trump of failing to immediately safeguard the United States from the coronavirus pandemic.

“Blame the president directly,” Blitzer said.

“I think the evidence is unmistakable, that experts in early January at CDC, the National Institutes of Health, at the National Security Council, were sounding the alarm,” Bolton said. “I think there was an empty chair in the Oval Office because the president did not want to hear bad news about his friend Xi Jinping. He did not want to hear bad news about the cover-up of the virus in China or its potential effect on the China trade deal that so much And he didn’t want to hear about the potential impact of a pandemic on the American economy and its effect on his re-election. “

“I think turning a blind eye to all these early signals hampered the country’s ability to deal with this and continues to do so,” Bolton added.

You can watch the clip below via YouTube: