Bolton says he never heard the Cabinet discuss Trump’s elimination using the 25th Amendment

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In an interview with McClatchy published on Friday, Bolton dismissed claims by an anonymous senior administration official that concerns about Trump’s suitability for the post had been discussed among top administration officials and had fueled talks about whether he should be removed.

“Certainly not during my tenure,” Bolton told McClatchy when asked if the claims were true. “In terms of any kind of remaining evidence that may have happened, I didn’t see any of that, I didn’t hear anything other than the stories that appeared in the newspapers. So I have no evidence that it actually happened. It certainly never was discussed in my presence.

The accusation made waves when it first appeared in 2018, during Bolton’s time in the White House, prompting many cabinet members to distance themselves from the claim. Several administration officials have since said that they are unaware of anyone raising the possibility of using Amendment 25, which provides a way for the Cabinet to remove a president they fear is unfit for office.

The comments were the latest Bolton made on a press tour to promote his revealing new memories of his time at the Trump White House.

The memory includes several embarrassing details for Trump, including that he asked China to buy more products from American farmers to help boost his reelection bid, rejected concerns about detention centers for Uighur Muslims in China and more.

Bolton has harshly criticized the president in recent weeks, describing him as a president who does not know how to exercise his power and who is not concerned with the implications of his decisions.

“And part of the problem for the administration is that the president doesn’t think enough about the implications and consequences of the decisions he makes. And we are not looking for a coherent long-term strategy, “Bolton told McClatchy. “So, whether it’s by the use of force or anything else, I don’t think there is adequate consideration.”