Boeing to move all 787 Dreamliner production to South Carolina

Boeing Co. plans to assemble 7,787 Dreamliner assemblies in South Carolina this week, according to people familiar with the matter, who say the coronavirus epidemic is in demand for the aircraft and production of the jetliner is ending in Washington state.

The decision has significant implications for Boeing’s federal workforce around the Seattle-area economy and Peugeot Sound. It was not immediately clear how long the merger would last, or how many employees would be affected by the move. Boeing may announce plans later this week, some people familiar with the matter said.

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Boeing said in July that it was studying options to control the slowdown in demand for the 787, which has led to lower production. A Boeing spokesman declined to comment on the study’s results late Tuesday night.

Earlier this year, Boeing said it would reduce production of passenger jets and reduce its staff by about 10%. U.S. With the epidemic raging in and demand for air travel deeply frustrated, Boeing said it would weigh the cuts to a pre-determined 19,000.

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Boeing Everett, Wash. Assembled the 787 Dreamliner in, as one of the first of the popular decades was bent from the popular widebodies line from there a decade ago. He announced plans for a second line in North Charleston, SC, the right-wing working state, where efforts to unify employees have not been successful.

Earlier this year, production problems at the South Carolina plant caused U.S. Asked for a detailed review of quality-control defects by aircraft regulators. It is not clear if manufacturing issues played a role in the study of whether to integrate Boeing’s Dreamliner production.

The FAA reviews the quality control lapses at the 787 Dreamiller plant

Integrating Dreamliner production in South Carolina is a U.S. The migration of the aerospace industry from the west coast to the southern states is another step. Companies are already cutting thousands of jobs in California while states including Carolinas, Florida and Alabama have attracted aerospace businesses with low-paid infrastructure and cheap, non-united labor, including mobile, Airbus SE assembly plants in Ala.

Boeing employs more than 7,000 workers in North Charleston, where it also has an engine-research facility. Washington compares Washington with about 70,000 staff, including about 30,000 at the sprawling Everett plant.

The Everett plant, where Boeing also produced the 767 and 747s, produced 15 wideb peak peak jets a month at its peak, which would come down to six with the 747 program due to expire in 2022, and the output of the new 777X decreased like that of Boeing. Was. First delivery delayed until 2022.

Moving 787 to South Carolina: Source

Boeing’s output has dropped to 10 in a month after increasing the production of the Dreamliner last year – 14 evenly divided between Everett and South Carolina – and plans to make six a month next year.

After more than two years of fatal crashes, the building and the sale of another 787 have been crucial to Boeing’s financial recovery. The company has orders for 666 aircraft and has delivered about 1,000.

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The twin-engine aircraft will surpass Boeing’s 777 and Airbus A330 as the most popular wide-bodied jets by 2023 to become the bestseller after years of delays and costs, say Jeffrey’s analysts. In favor of the smaller 7 787 and Airbus A5050, the airlines are retiring 7737 and older A303000.

Boeing relied on a vigorous replacement cycle for older jets to boost sales of the j787, simply to slow economic growth and then the epidemic to derail its plans. It also has plans for a new midsize plane.

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