Bidens honors frontline workers at the NYE address: ‘We are their debt, we are their debt, we are their debt’

President-elect JB bidenBiden Trump to cut short trip to Florida, Washington to return to Washington on Thursday Intel’s vice chair says the Trump administration has decided not to send troops to Afghanistan. Announces Dissatisfied Intelligence Into China Bunnies On Military: Government Agency Cyber ​​Attack May Be Started Earlier. During ABC’s “New Year’s Rockin ‘Eve” broadcast from Times Square on Thursday, his wife, Dr. Jill Biden honored frontline activists.

Ryan Secret, host of the program, asked Biden and the future first lady what they wanted to say to the frontline workers present in New York City and across the country who have worked to combat the coronavirus epidemic this year.

“My mother had an expression,” Biden said. “Bravery lives in every heart and one day it will be called. [In] The people we are honoring tonight were called and they went ahead and they are brave, they have done a lot, ‘the president told the elected secretary.

Biden added, “They risked their lives, they did a lot for us and we are theirs, we are theirs, we are theirs.”

“We are very grateful for everything they did. You know they left their families and their homes so we could be safe and I – all Americans really appreciate what they did for them.”

Health care workers have been at the forefront of the epidemic, and many nurses, doctors and hospital staff have lost their lives to the disease.

Bidons’ address is that the coronavirus is a nuisance in the United States. More than 19 million coronavirus cases have been reported in the country since the onset of the epidemic, and more than 344,000 people have died, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved both Pfizer / Bioentech and Moder vaccines for emergency use earlier this month, and the federal government has worked to administer the vaccines to protect against risks, including frontline health care workers.

However, it looks like the Trump administration will not achieve its goal of vaccinating 20 million people by the end of 2020.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) tracker shows that about 2 million people have received the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine. Thursday afternoon, Anthony FauciIn California, Anthony F. C. found a more contagious coronavirus variant, the governor says. With daily highs, 25-25 deaths from coronavirus, immunization rates are low, warnings are high., The country’s top infectious disease expert said the vaccine rollout is “disappointing”.

Biden on Tuesday slammed the administration over the vaccine rollout, saying the plan to deliver the vaccine was “far behind.”

Secrest told the president-elect for New Year’s Eve hopes.

“I’m more optimistic about America’s opportunities and I’ve been away from this for a while,” Biden said.

“We have the most productive workers in the world. Now we have the vaccines available, and if people have a better way to get out of there, they’re working. I think we’re in a situation where we We have to take action and build the world and lead the nation. “

He added, “Americans can do anything and I am absolutely, positive, confident – we will come back and come back even stronger than before.”

“America is going to get better, America,” Jill Biden said as she finished her address.

“Have faith,” B urged Biden.