Biden’s Dangerous Misconception About Iran: Goodwin

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The assassination of Iran’s top nuclear scientist is hardly part of the good news. It eliminates the key player in the bid to acquire nuclear weapons and creates a safer world.

The event is being celebrated by the Trump administration, which has been relentless in bringing Iran to its knees. Probably the most courageous Israeli is happy with the death of a man whose weapons threaten to wipe the Jewish state off the map. Cheerful are the Sunni Arab nations whose governments are targeted by Iran.

In short, the death of Moshen Fakhrizadeh on millions of innocent people is a long good thing. Yet reading The New York Times or listening to Joe Biden, death is a bad thing because it complicates Biden’s plan to persuade Iran to rejoin President Trump’s cleverly canceled nuclear deal.

A tragic piece was read in the Times last Sunday: “A new deal for the fate of the Iran Pact through assassination,”

Biden said it is difficult to say how difficult it will be now to bring Iran back into the deal, but he is committed to trying.

Welcome to the strange land that has been ruled by nostalgia in the past.

In the real world, Fakhrizadeh’s death is a gift to Biden, and if he has any understanding, he will recognize it as such. The next president will probably say “thank you” to Trump and the Israelis.

Biden is complaining instead and trying to seduce Iran shows how much he has stalled in the past. The mediation has improved since he left office in 2016, or perhaps he has not noticed that Israel and the Arab states have signed a historic agreement on mutual recognition, trade and tourism, and are united in opposing Iran. Kosher food is now available in Dubai!

The changing sands of the alliance were understood when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince met last month, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also present.

And Jared Kushner was in the region last week, trying to heal a rift between Qatar and Saudi Arabia in hopes of expanding the anti-Iran coalition before leaving the Trump administration.

The death of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was crucial for Iran and US allies in the Middle East to counter Iran's threats.
The death of Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen Fakhrizadeh was crucial for Iran and its US allies in the Middle East to counter Iran’s threats.
Office of the Supreme Leader of Iran by AP

This is a significant development which is an indication that Payne is being reorganized. It is foolish for Biden to be put at risk by an Iranian court.

The main problem is that he and the Democrats’ media handmaidens will continue the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran as a victory of the term, and children believe in Iranian “mediators” the way children in Santa Claus. In fact, the terms of the deal, negotiated by John Kerry and approved by the Obama-Biden White House, were surrenders, paving the way for the mullahs to adapt properly.

Almost as bad, international sanctions were lifted and Obama returned unstable Iranian funds, most of which went to finance terrorism in the region. Carrie admitted so much.

Why would anyone want to go back to that time, especially when subsequent events weakened Iran and put it on the defensive?

Trump’s progress began with his first foreign trip as president in May 2017, with a stop in Saudi Arabia. Some 54 Arab and Muslim countries attended the summit, which was set up to form a united front against Iran and the spread of terrorism.

A year later, with Trump pushing out of the nuclear deal and putting pressure on the Iranian economy and the financial capacity of the assassination and mayhem, Obama has hailed the campaign promise to pull out of the nuclear deal again and re-impose tougher sanctions than he faced in 2015.

Trump later reaffirmed his intention to keep Iran in captivity by droning military mastermind Qasim Soleimani, who was responsible for killing many American soldiers in Iraq. Recall that Byden said he would not strike.

Israel also played key roles. He stole from Iran’s nuclear museums to reveal how the mullahs had deceived the world, and repeatedly bombed the Iranian proxy Hezbollah in Syria and Lebanon. In addition to the blow to Fakhrizadeh, Israelis or Persian speakers working with them carried out other killings and sabotage at military sites.

Although Iranian leaders responded by exceeding the uranium-enrichment limit demanded in the 2015 deal, they are largely stunned by the non-stop attacks. That’s why Ray Tekeh, an Iranian-American Middle East scholar, wonders if Ayatollah’s grip is slipping because “the Islamic Republic today suffers from a persistent intelligence failure, an ominous sign that it is ruled by fear for rule.”

These changes raise a tremendous opportunity for Biden, but instead of capturing him, he has already invited Iran to rejoin the deal and bring Kerry and others back to the stage for a second phase of failure.

Biden said he should adhere to breeding limits before the mullahs want to lift sanctions and increase negotiations involving communications wars and missile production. In response, Iran, believing Biden to be desperate, demanded that it simply lift all sanctions and said no negotiations were needed.

However, he drew it, Biden is negotiating against it. Iran has been weak for a very long time and will use the easing of sanctions to advance its aggression and the Nukek program, as it has done before. Why give him another chance to do the same thing?

Netanyahu, in an interview with Michael Doran of the Hudson Institute, cited the Iranian pattern and urged Biden not to rejoin the flawed treaty, saying it would be a “mistake.”

The remaining unresolved issue is that in the last 40 years, Israel has destroyed two nuclear reactors built by its enemies, in Iraq and Syria. Biden and Iran should remember that history.

‘Alex Fix’ is logical

Reader George Molly acknowledged that it is difficult for Trump lawyers to prove that the election was rigged, but nevertheless believes that “the most widespread fraud is believed to be responsible for Biden’s victory.”

He adds: “Can we really believe that, by removing the security of the integrity of the voting process, the same hatred that Democrats led to persecute President Trump for four years cannot lead to fraud to remove him?”

“Whether the fraud is proven or not, I’m in half of the country, which believes Biden’s victory was illegal.”

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Murders and shootings have increased, graffiti has covered subway cars, city halls have become incapacitated and law enforcement taxpayers have been forced out.

Those who missed New York’s bad old days in the ’70s and 80s are watching the sequel approaching. It’s not beautiful.

Once again, the Big Apple moment is rotting.

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Defendant MTA scammer Thomas Capoto claimed he worked 8.8 over64 hours of overtime in 2018, for a total salary of 1 461,646. He has been arrested, but what about the supervisors who believe he has worked an average of 10.5 hours of OT work every day of the year?

They should at least check their heads.