Biden’s choice to lead the trade earned over 7M in speaking fees

Reeboth Beach, Dale. (AP) – President-elect Joe Biden’s choice to become Treasury Secretary has raised more than a million dollars in the last two years from major financial companies and tech giants, including Janet Yellen, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, Google and Google. , As per the advertisement form submitted as part of his nomination.

Yellen was among three financial disclosures made by Biden transition officials that were released Thursday by the government’s Office of Ethics. In a separate filing, Yale listed companies and banks where she received speaking fees and said she intended to “seek written authorization” from ethics officials in matters involving “personal and significant participation.”

Yellen was chairman of the Federal Reserve from 2014 to 2018. President Donald Trump did not renew his term. He charged speaking fees in 2019 and 2020.

His selection by Biden to head the Treasury Department has been made by the Progressive Democrats, who have long supported Yellen’s work as a labor economist, fighting economic inequality. Since the announcement of his nomination, Yale has pledged to work to combat systemic racism and climate change.

But receiving payments from Wall Street bankers and other powerful corporations could be an issue as his nomination passes through a closely divided Senate. Hillary Clinton faced left-wing criticism from the Democratic Party when she ran for president in 2016 for receiving lucrative speaking fees on Wall Street companies.

A Biden transition spokesman said Friday that after leaving the Fed, Yellen “talked with economic councils, universities and business groups and financial institutions about his experiences and his views on what we can do as a country to build a strong economy. Our competitiveness. “He’s not the guy who pulls the punch when it comes to bad performers or bad behavior,” he added.

Biden’s selection, released on Thursday, also featured select publisher forms of Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, who gave a detailed presentation of his work at his founding consulting firm, WestExec Advisors, LLC. They show that Blinkon was paid more than $ 1.1 million and negotiated an agreement in October in which he sold his equity interest in a pay firm, where he advised clients, including Bank America of America and Facebook.

Disclosure of Biden’s choice to become National Intelligence Director, Avril Haynes, as a consultant to WestExec Advisors, and to charge a fee of approximately 000 55,000 between October and October 2017. In a separate letter to ethics officials, Haynes vowed to recall himself for a year on issues involving WestEx as well as other past employers, including Columbia University, Syracuse University and the Brookings Institution think tank.

Some advocacy groups began warning just after election day that Biden, who has been a senator from Delaware for years and served as vice president for two terms, could rely heavily on officials with strong ties to the past Democratic administration. Many of them have left public sector posts for private sector jobs and are now seeking to return to government, which has expressed concern about “moving doors”. Between policy and corporate and financial influence.

Byden, however, has largely avoided such concerns and said he is not afraid to rely on government-experienced advisers. He is proficient in the functioning of the government and promises to assemble a cabinet of diverse people like members full of ethnic and ideological spectrum. The country they will represent.

Biden’s transition team says it expects to announce more cabinet elections next week, ahead of its January 20 opening day. With these vacancies left, the President-elect’s choice for Labor Secretary and Attorney General – a choice that can be complicated. By federal attorneys investigating Biden’s son Hunter’s finances.