Biden says he strongly supported the MLB by moving the All-Star game out of Atlanta over the Rjia election law.

President Biden endorsed the idea that the MLB All-Star Game is provoking a backlash among liberals outside of Atlanta in response to Georgia’s new election law.

During an interview on ESPN, Biden was asked about comments made by Tony Clark, executive director of the MLB Players Association, who said he would look forward to discussing moving the July 13 game from the Georgian capital as an economic form. Government, signed into law by Brian Camp, G.O.P. Punishment of backed electoral reform law.

‘Earned Four Pinocchios’ Earned from VAS Washington Post

“I think today’s professional athletes are acting with incredible responsibility. I will strongly support them in this performance,” Biden replied. “People look at him, he’s a leader. Look at what happened with the NBA as well. Look at what happened across the board. The people who have suffered the most are the people who are leaders in these different sports and that’s not right.”

Biden reiterated his attack on Georgia’s electoral reform as “Jim Crow on steroids.”

“Imagine passing a law saying you can’t provide water or food to anyone standing to vote, can’t you? Oman!” The president said. “Or are you going to close the polling station at one o’clock when the working people just get off? This is to keep those voters and the general future that I grew up being able to vote for.”

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While Biden claims that the law prohibiting “water or food” is a law that allows “self-serving water” for waiting voters in a sentence, the Washington Post fact-finding investigator Glenn Kessler pointed out. That the president repeated his “Four-Pinocchio claim” about the polls closing at 5 p.m.

“No, it’s not in the law,” Castle said Tweeted.