Biden, CEO of Micron, QuantumScape, Heisen Motors, on infrastructure plans

US President George W. Biden talks about his યોજના 2 trillion infrastructure plan during a project at the Carpenters Pittsburgh Training Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, March 31, 2021.

Jonathan Ernst | Reuters


“This is clearly important because semicircles form the backbone of everything in economics today,” said Mehrotra of Micron. “We are the only U.S. company, a leader in memory and storage. We are certainly excited about the potential for the U.S. to pursue more leadership in research, technology and products, as well as globally.”

Micron is a major player in the market for dynamic random-memory access memory, or DRAM and flash memory.

As demand for electronic consumer products increases, the lack of semiconductors has been a boon for the chipmaking industry, but especially negative for their end markets in auto. White House Infrastructure Plan Will send money for semiconductor manufacturing and research


QuantumScape’s Lion welcomed Biden’s pledge to invest in electric vehicles, noting that more attention needs to be paid to overcoming key barriers to electric vehicles competing with conventional combustion engines. These barriers include long distance travel, battery charging time and low cost.

“It’s very exciting. … It’s great that the administration supports this electrified transition so much that it’s important to eliminate emissions, but our view is that at the end of the day, you know, government policy isn’t enough,” he said. Singh told Jim Kramer.

“You’ve got a product that people want to buy, and we think people will want to buy more EVs once they become more competitive with combustion engines. This is really the promise of what we’re doing.”

Heisen Motors