Beware of fake coronavirus vaccines, says Interpol

Interpol has issued a global warning to law enforcement agencies around the world that they have been warned that the organized crime network may try to sell a fake Covid-19 vaccine or steal real supplies.

The France-based global police coordination agency said Wednesday it had issued orange warnings to police forces in 194 member countries, warning them to prepare for vaccines that target both physically and online.

It said the epidemic had already provoked “unprecedented opportunistic and predatory criminal behavior” and warned of a new wave of “criminal activity” in connection with the misrepresentation, theft and illegal proclamation of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The agency argues between health regulators and law enforcement. Called for coordination as the vaccine approaches approval and distribution to ensure the safety of the supply chain and to identify illegal websites selling counterfeits.

As the Interpol secretary prepares to roll out mass immunization programs, criminal gangs “plan to infiltrate or disrupt the supply chain, and also target people through fake websites and false means, which can be dangerous to their health, even their lives.” , Interpol Secretary General, Jજેrgen Stock, said.

“It is imperative that law enforcement be as prepared as possible for the invasion of all types of criminal activity linked to the Covid-19 vaccine.”

The agency said criminal gangs are also likely to start parallel production and distribution of “unauthorized and false” coronavirus test kits when airlines and immigration officials seek to bring negative test results to passengers as international travel resumes.

Interpol was also warned to take special care when going public in search of medical devices or drugs. It says people are exposed not only to potentially life-threatening products, but also to cyber-hazards.

The agency said an analysis of nearly 1,000,000 pharma online pharmaceuticals websites selling its illegal products by its cybercrime unit showed more than 1,700 phishing or spamming malware.

“It’s important to be vigilant, skeptical and safe, because it usually feels great to be right,” the agency said.