Bengals, Joe Burrow agreed to negotiate earlier, but kept quiet.

Any suggestion of possible trouble between the Cincinnati Bengals and No. 1 pick Joe Burrow because he didn’t have a deal before Tuesday was just noise.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport provided more than enough evidence Tuesday after the two sides made their agreement public. Rapoport aired that both sides had agreed to the deal a few days earlier, but decided to keep it quiet.

It is unknown why the two sides kept the agreement silent, especially since Burrow eventually became one of the last first-round to agree and / or sign on the dotted line.

Either way, there was no question that both sides worked out something. Burrow has been in Cincinnati working with teammates like DJ Reader. It will officially sign the agreed deal later this week.

With this speculation point behind them, the Bengals and Burrow can proceed under the revised training camp rules when veterans began reporting Tuesday and underwent tests for coronavirus.