Bellows shows how to be a leader


If there was ever a time for leadership, that time is now. We need leaders in the Maine Senate who listen well, understand the issues, and work collaboratively to take action. Proven by her record, Shenna Bellows is a leader.

As a concerned teacher, I invited Shenna to visit our school district and see first-hand some of the challenges educators face in rural Maine. Not only did he spend time on his busy schedule, but he stayed for hours, talking to principals, teachers, and students. He watched the kindergarten kids, talked to fifth graders, and listened to AP high school students. He spent time with the superintendent, the director of the curriculum, and the director of the food service. She asked thoughtful questions.

Among Shenna’s latest bills to clean up the committee are a bill to increase fiscal fairness for retired state employees and teachers, a bill to increase homecare reimbursement rates for seniors with Maine’s disabilities, and a bill to safeguard taxpayer money by guaranteeing the privatization of services are in the best interest of the public. Shenna has a knack for getting to the heart of trouble and proposing or supporting bills that will make Maine a better place for its residents.

Shenna and former Republican Senator Roger Katz recently wrote an opinion piece on the need to protect the integrity of Maine’s upcoming election (“Let’s make sure every eligible voter gets one vote,” April 27). This bipartisan couple presented a plan to protect the health of poll workers, as well as the rights of citizens to vote absentee. Shenna’s record of reaching the other end of the aisle ensures that politics does not come before the people of Maine.

Shenna has served District 14 well since 2016. Let’s vote to keep her working for Maine.

Barbara Bourgoine


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