BBC rejects report: Jodi Whitaker is leaving – Deadline

The BBC declined to comment on reports that Jodi Whitker would hang her sonic screwdriver and leave her as the 13th doctor in the British Broadcasters’ iconic science series. Dr. Doctor.

Well-connected Nikola Mathew wrote in the Daily Mirror that Whitaker’s departure is being kept under wraps, while shooting on Season 13 is underway. If he gets out of Tardis, he will be with his predecessor who also completed three seasons before moving on to other projects.

Citing the mirror a Dr. Doctor The source said: “It’s all a lot of hush-hush but it’s known on the set that the pair are gone and they are preparing for the renaissance. Her departure is a top secret but the arrival of the 14th Doctor will have to be filmed at some point in the coming months. “

The report added that Whittaker’s co-stars Bradley Walsh and Tosin Cole will also leave the show to make way for an inspiring alien-fighting team. Mandeep Gill will remain, while British comedian John Bishop will join the cast. The Mirror added that runner Chris Chibnal will also be in the series produced by BBC Studios.

The BBC was holding a shutdown on Monday morning. A spokesman said: “We will not comment on any speculation about the pair’s future on the show.”

Whittaker made history in 2017 when she became the first female doctor. She followed in the footsteps of Peter Capaldi, while other previous doctors included David Tennant, Matt Smith and Christopher Eccleston.