Batman photo sets the existence of Mite Teas Flash

The new set photo of The Batman will annoy DC’s Speedster Flash, starring Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight, existing in the universe of Matt Reeves.

No latest set photo Batman The existence of Flash in Matt Reeves’ DC movie can be annoying. After Ben Affleck’s exit as the Dark Knight and before his return Flash, Werner Bros. And D.C. The size of the films changed again Batman To proceed without it. Reeves was brought in direct and Robert Pattinson was selected to play the new Bruce Wayne. Fans got an early first look Batman Debuting with a teaser trailer during the DC Phantom.

Before viewers get a chance to see what Reeves and Pattison take Batman As it turns out, one of the biggest questions surrounding the film was how it is connected to the DC expansive universe. It has since been confirmed Batman A different universe exists but it is still related by multiverse. This led many to believe that Pattinson’s Batman would appear to be the only major DC hero. However, recently set photos have annoyed Superman and the annoying Wonder Woman BatmanIs the world of, and now there is potential evidence of being around another Justice League hero.

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Product on Batman Chicago is relocating soon and the result is set and prop design already happening. The group is not currently closed and has allowed some to move on to what will become Gotham. Fox 32 News Anchor Jack Hamilton Passed through the group shared some photos of the conversion to Gotham in Chicago and one is particularly noteworthy. Hamilton shared a photo of the torn flyer and the part that remains includes a logo that is incredibly similar to a DC superhero flash.

At first glance, this logo does not directly match the general logo of Flash, although a bolt design bears a resemblance to the initial logo used for Flash in comics. Even without a direct translation of the com com mix, Reeves has already shown a willingness to put his spin on the logos, with the Batman logo being the original design of the film. This could also be true for this potential flash Easter egg, as it doesn’t match Ezra Miller’s flash wear. Since then this should not be too surprising Batman Takes place in a different universe, but this suggests that if this is the Easter egg for the Scarlet Speedster, there is another version of Flash in this universe.

There is still the possibility that this lightning bolt is not connected to the flash, so fans should live up to the expectations. However, this possible flash points to the clear existence of the Easter egg and Superman and Wonder Woman. Batman Taking place in a world where Batman is not the only superhero around. Reeves can’t create its own DC shared universe with newer versions of Superman, Flash and more, but maybe Batman Other DC heroes will also be involved as the franchise moves forward.

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Source: Jack Hamilton

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