Banana bread becomes BBC Good Food’s most popular recipe during closing


Banana bread has become the most popular BBC Good Food recipe under lockdown.

“Bright Banana Bread” tops a list of the website’s most-searched-for recipes between March 23, when the measures were introduced, and April 30.

Another 13 of the 20 most popular recipes were pies, cookies, or desserts, including brownies, pies, cookies, and cheesecakes.

The remaining six recipes in the top 20 included comfort foods like Yorkshire puddings, chili con carne, spaghetti carbonara, cheese buns, and easy bread.

All of the top 10 videos viewed on the website were related to bread or bread.

And there were over three million page views on bread related content on BBC Good Food in the first two weeks of closing.

The biggest trend for bread making was sourdough, with 115,000 visits to related pages on the website, 900% more than last year, according to BBC Good Food.

The website saw a further spike at 10pm in users looking for flapjacks, banana bread, and muffins, suggesting a jump in the night bakers.

Lily Barclay, editor at, said: “Baking is such a relaxing activity that it can help you focus and take the stress out of the day, so it’s no wonder we see activity on the website after 10 pm, since people use cooking as a coping mechanism.

“The shake, knock and knead motion can be meditative and the results are very gratifying, so we are seeing an increase in people who want to learn new baking skills.

“At, we are working hard to support our audience, offering recipe tips, tricks, and adaptations as our goal is to bring people together and provide comfort, peace of mind, and guidance in any way we can.”

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