Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson became the 1st QB in NFL history with Se Tuo with a consistent 1,000-yard rush.

Baltimore Ravens star Lamar Jackson has consistently played in the NFL. There is a quarterback who has consistently run 1,000 yards, and he is making a strong case that he is already the best dual threat in the league’s history.

With his flamboyant pace and jaw-dropping elusiveness, Jackson reached 7,000 yards with a 7-yard run in the third quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday. The ruling NFL MVP entered Sunday’s game, when it needed 92 yards to reach the milestone.

Jackson is set to win the NFL MVP and become the second quarterback to reach the playoffs in his first three seasons in the league with Dag Merino. Ravens can get a wild-card berth by beating Cincinnati.

Michael Wick was the only other quarterback to hit 1,000,000 yards running in 2006. Jackson has taken 1000 yards by running in two guards in his first three NFL seasons, setting a single-season record for quarterbacks with 1,206 yards last season.

For the quarterbacks, the back-to-back rushing big season post proved elusive. Before Jackson, the previous two quarterbacks, to run more than 900 yards in the season (Randall Cunningham and Vic), had less than 600 rushing yards recorded the following season.

Jackson’s Doddham Baltimore’s Doddham has jumped into the postson sun. Winning four straight games entering Sunday, Jackson is averaging .2 83.3 yards.