Baltimore Ravens ‘Bill Mafia’ booms over donations to 360,000 charities

Owings Mills, Mo. – Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson on Monday thanked the Buffalo Bills fan base, whose donations have reached, 360,000 to a charity of his choice.

“Appreciate the Bills Mafia,” Jackson said Wrote on Twitter. “A lot of meaning not only to me, but to those kids as well.”

Supporting the “One Backpack in Blessings” in the Lewisville chapter began Saturday night, with the BLS defeating the Ravens 17-3 in their AFC Divisional Playoff game, the ruling NFL MVP was ruled out for the third time late. Quarter with an intrusive.

As of Monday, there have been 13,600 personal donations from Bill fans, affectionately known as the “Bill Mafia.”

“This has been overwhelming – at its best,” said In Blessings in his backpack.

Jackson, a Heisman Trophy winner at the University of Louisville, raised 25 25,000 for the charity in 2018 by signing an aut tograph. Less than a day after Buffalo won the playoffs over Baltimore, Bill’s fans raised the figure 10 times.

The organization’s goal is to gather communities, individuals, and resources to provide weekend food for elementary school children in the United States who may be starving. According to its website, the program can feed a baby on the weekends for 38 130 for a 38-week school year.

This is the latest service gesture from Bill’s fans. At the end of the 2017 regular season, when quarterback Andy Dalton led the Cincinnati Bengals to victory, which helped the Bills qualify for the playoffs, they did something similar for Dalton.

After the announcement of the death of Buffalo quarterback Josh Allen’s grandmother, Bill fans also took to John R.C. earlier this season. Is Shei donated to Children’s Hospital in Drot. Donations of 1 million were received.

Mike Reese of ESPN contributed to this article.