B.C.’s best doctor gives dating advice, how to “keep our germs to ourselves” in the midst of COVID-19


As British Colombians face the prospect of slowly expanding their social circles, the British Columbia provincial health officer urges the public to be more cautious when it comes to dating and romance.

While spring may be a time when, paraphrasing Alfred, Lord Tennyson, a person’s fantasy turns slightly into thoughts of love, Dr. Bonnie Henry wants to remind us that the new coronavirus is a respiratory virus that can be shared through intimate contact.

Tips for dating, tips for those who practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic

Tips for dating, tips for those who practice social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic

Henry said that love in the COVID-19 era means taking things slowly and with one person at a time.

Like B.C. Flatten the curve, think carefully about expanding the social circle: Henry

“This is not the time for serial speed dating, okay?” Henry said Tuesday. “So pick someone, see if it works, and then take your time.”

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Henry reminded the public that bringing someone into your circle means that you are effectively bringing that person’s contacts into your circle as well.

Online dating during the COVID-19 pandemic

Online dating during the COVID-19 pandemic

Henry noted that the new coronavirus pandemic may be a lonely time for people, many of whom have attempted to connect with others online.

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Henry urged caution when transitioning from online conversations to face-to-face interactions.

“I laugh a little because I’m thinking of some of the young people in my life who were worried about missing out on some of the times they might run into others,” he said.

“Yes, we can do that. We have to do that. We are social people. We need that. But let’s do it in small, thoughtful ways. “

The province’s roadmap for reopening the economy does not include plans to reopen bars and nightclubs anytime soon, which Henry says could lead to new ways to socialize.

“You can still go online”: How to maintain relationships during the coronavirus outbreak

“One of the people I know in my life told me that, ‘you know, now that we can’t go to bars, clubs and things, go out to the park and sit at a distance and have picnics, those are the new romantic things that people are doing “.

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Henry adds that there is no room to socialize if you don’t feel good.

“If we feel a little sick or if we have been in contact with someone who is sick, then we should keep our distance and keep our germs to ourselves for a while.”

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