Ayesha Curry’s little boy looks like his father Steph Curry and fans shudder!

Ayesha Curry shared a super cute photo of her son Canon on social media and fans couldn’t forget how much the boy looks like his father Steph Curry! The adorable boy can be seen looking directly into the camera, stealing all the hearts of her mother’s followers!

No one doubted that Canon was a cupcake, but the more it grows, the more people also notice that he is the living image of his father.

At the time the snap was captured, the 1-year-old boy was wearing an outfit covered in colorful motorcycles and hanging on the railing.

In the legend, Ayesha sprouted on him, writing: ‘Sir. This little guy keeps melting my heart. Your dad must be a spectator.

Not long after the image was shared, many flooded its comment section with comments about how the boy looks like his father, basketball star Steph Curry.

Speaking of which, someone wrote that “he will get buckets soon,” referring to his potential future NBA career.

As fans know, parents love to share awesome and adorable photos of their family of 5, their other children, Riley, 7, and Ryan, 4, who also appear in many posts.

There are even plenty of snapshots where everyone appears at the same time and is epic and poignant at the same time!

Speaking of which, they shared a group photo not too long ago, on June 19.


All three children made sure to pose for the camera like professionals while enjoying the sunny weather.

In the caption, the proud mother got excited about her ‘babies’ and got no less than 400,000 likes!


And that’s just one example of the amazing family photos they take and share with the world! No wonder everyone loves this family!

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