Auto has found Tomato’s “Ultimate Secret” and lets you skip the whole game

Illustrated article: Mat Tomatoes / I The ultimate secret has been found and it lets you skip the whole game

Screenshots: Square Enix

A new secret cheat code has been found Neer: Auto Tomato Those players leave the entire game just by beating the first boss. This new discovery has been confirmed to be the “ultimate secret” that annoyed game developers a few years ago.

Released back in 2017, Near: Auto Tomato There is a game with more than a dozen different endings and many mysteries. The only way to really beat the game is to play it over and over again, finding different endings and stories. However, someone discovered a secret cheat code that lets you drop it all and jump straight to the end of the game by beating the first boss.

Also, beware of spoilers beyond this point:

In Neer: Auto Tomato, Once you have unlocked the finished E, you will play through a tough arcade shooter sequence. Where you are entrusted with the task of destroying the very game credits. Once you beat it, you can sacrifice your saved data to help others Players Beat the end. This is not a joke either. Once you agree to leave your data, you will lose all your progress. It takes a while to reach this point and you often have to beat the game.

That’s where this new cheat code comes in, because it lets you give it all up and you can sacrifice instead. Beat the first sir and immediately save your data Near: Auto Tomato.

Popular moderator and detaminer Lance McDonald Discover this wild secret, which is not a mistake, but rather a real cheat code programmed into the game.

McDonald’s doesn’t fully explain what’s going on in the video above, but it does show that he killed the boss first, And then aafter that, It goes to some barrels and starts inputting the code. After all, The screen goes black and Nier Then lets you Sacrifice your saved data.

According to McDonald’s, it took him “hundreds of hours” of engineering to find the final cheat code, as opposed to the game’s code and engine. And soon after sharing his discovery, the director of the game Yoko Tarot To be sure, this seems to be the ultimate secret.

The Japanese Nier Twitter The account also confirmed that this is indeed the ultimate secret. “It seems that the last secret has been discovered. “

McDonald’s, Which has a history of discovery And Making cool things like this, Says it will soon release a full video about the new game-skipping cheat code. Until then, you can beat the first boss Near: Auto Tomato And then go to that barrel and try to find your code.

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