Authorities arrested a Wisconsin pharmacist for deliberately spoiling a coronavirus vaccine

Wisconsin authorities arrested a pharmacist Thursday on suspicion of deliberately injecting hundreds of doses of the coronavirus vaccine out of the refrigerator for two nights.

The Associated Press reports that, according to the Grafton Police Department, former advocate ur Rora Health Pharmacist was arrested on suspicion of negligently endangering, tampering with prescription drugs and criminal damage to property.

Jera Bahre, president of Ora Rora Healthcare Medical Group, said during a Zoom press call on Thursday that the now-fired pharmacy technician had removed 57 vials of Moderna vaccine from cold storage – enough for about 570 doses – and disappointed them, or made them less effective and even Ineffective.

Healthcare workers used detoxified vaccine doses to inoculate 57 people. Bahre said the dose was less effective and potentially ineffective.

“In the ensuing hours, the clinical leaders showed respect for each other,” Barry said. “And based on the information available, it was determined that the vaccine was given on the morning of December 26, after a 12-hour period of vaccination, after refrigeration.”

The AP reported that authorities released a statement saying the suspect was in jail but did not disclose personal information as he had not yet been formally charged.

“The pharmacist responsible for removing the vials said it was an unintentional mistake when the person was accessing other items from the same refrigerator,” Bahir said, adding that the suspect later admitted that the removal was intentional.

When asked about the pharmacist’s intent to remove the dose from the refrigerator, Bahre said ur rora could not give a verdict and postponed questions to local officials.

Hill Grafton reached out to police but received no immediate response.

“We believe that vaccination is the way out of the epidemic. We are more than disappointed that as a result of this person’s actions, more than 500 people will delay getting their vaccine, “the health care system said in a statement.