August Gusta cuts the incredible Hulk to national size

U Gusta, Ga. (AP) – August was a very reassuring day at Gusta National.

Turns out, the green jacket won’t be painted over the biggest, strongest shoulder – if he’s in a relationship with a guy who doesn’t know where that little white ball is going.

Brins Dichembiu, the incredible Hulk of Lynx, reached the Masters Speaking boldly to give more power to one of the holiest grounds of golf.

Instead, it cut down to size.

De Chembue spent Friday spraying shorts all over the course, his frustration threatening to boil down at any moment like the imaginary Hulk.

He also managed to lose a ball In a really weird fashion.

Then there was Abraham Ncer Nasr, examining the 5-foot-7 and 160-pound all, about the size of the front parts of the dichembu.

The 29-year-old Mexican ranks far below the list of driving distances, averaging 279.5 yards, more than half of the football field behind Dechambu’s lunar shot.

But Anser had a better idea of ​​where his ball would end up. And when he dropped out of the course at the end of the second round, he had a 9-under 135 on his card that gave him a 36-hole incomplete lead.

Anser said, “I didn’t really make the best of that tea. “But I’ve been trying to run really well and made some putts for Birdie, which has kept me in it. I’ve played the Par 3s really well.”

They are of course short-term holes, but they are usually the most devilish. It’s about touch, not power.

Anser birdied three of them during the second round, a big one as Masters Rookie left the course tied for the lead.

De Shambue will try to make the cut when he returns to complete the final six holes of his second round on Saturday morning. He played the first dozen in a dozen overs, leaving Anser at the top of the leaderboard and mostly 10 strokes behind three others.

Hardly to be expected from someone who has built his body into something similar to the NFL middle linebacker, capturing his first major title by giving more power to the US Open at Winged Foot, who bravely replaced August Gust as rather as as Set.

“I can reach two in all pars, no matter what,” Dichembi said, trying to normalize the idea of ​​40,000-yard drives and swing speeds that can control themselves against indie race cars.

If August Gusta’s four par 5s becomes par 4 on D’Ambre’s predetermined and egoistic scorecard, it definitely means the third hole – at 350 yards, very short on the course – is marked at par 3 on Bryson’s mammoth tee shot amp or rim.

Well, you don’t believe what happened at No. 3.

While his club was breathing heavily before the wind blew around with terrifying speed, de Chembou took aim with his driver down the left side of the fairway, his gaze clearly visible.

But the ball landed more to the left than he intended, touching down in a patch of wet grass from heavy rain this week. He was traveling with such force that he climbed deep into the ground.

De Chembue and about 15 others – officers, workers, patrons ઓછા anyone standing around in a gallery scattered over the lesser masters, pushing the turf for a full three minutes, pushing it to the ground and smoking.

No ball.

“When you hit Bryson as hard as you hit him, it’s kind of like not putting more spin in the soft area … we all believed he was buried a lot and it would be hard to find,” the play said. Partner John Reham, who also joined the search party.

As there were no immediate reports of him popping out on the other side of the world, De Chambou had to take an embarrassing ride. A cart returned to the tea brix to hit it again. He hit a triple-boogie 7 on a hole that averaged 3.966.

(FWIW, reports The ball was found about 10 minutes later by a gallery guard, not more than 10 feet from the fairway, but visible to anyone just above it.)

When you connect the triple-bogie to the other 7 Thursday – When DeChembu moved one behind a pine tree, the next shot hit some Azalia trees, a temporary hit in Rye Creek, got his first ball, took a penalty drop, cut a chip and made a double bogey in the third. It’s easy to see why he’s in trouble.

It doesn’t matter that he’s got nine birdies on his card and tops the entire field in driving distance – that’s 13 yards clear from the next man.

While De Chambeu was messing things up, 63-year-old Bernhard Langer was systematically passing in the way around him.

The obscure German is 88th out of 91 players in the driving distance, but he is third in driving accuracy, missing only three fairways in the first two rounds.

Result: Langer is under 3 and the Masters for making the cut is guaranteed to be the oldest player in history.

“The ball ran well and hit fairly well, and it kept me there even though I hit in very long clubs,” Langer said. “I like this golf course. I think I hit clubs for a very long time, even though I know how to get around it. But it’s definitely not easy. It’s a long heater space. Is always. ”

Luckily, August Gusta has the most out there that will make him the farthest.

We got that Friday’s reminder.

No offense to De Chembu, but he was very reassuring.


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