Asmongold says he’s ‘seriously considering’ sponsoring WoW esports teams

After a massive exodus of World of warcraft talent from the sports organization Method amid sexual assault allegations directed at MethodJosh, Asmongold might be in the business of sponsoring some players looking for a new team organization.

During his broadcast today, Asmongold said he believes that many of the people leaving Method right now are “good people.” But their decision to abandon the Method for moral reasons puts them in a difficult situation.

Earlier this week, Method launched one of its healing foray members MethodJosh due to numerous sexual harassment allegations that surfaced on social media, several of which included teenagers.

The allegations left members of the organization in an awkward position, questioning the brand’s leadership values, and in recent days, many of the organization’s players and streamers have announced they are leaving the organization, including attackers from the first ever world, international champions of Mythic Dungeon International. and winners of the World Arena Championship.

With so many highly talented players now “free agents,” Asmongold said he wants to help members of the community he sees positively.

“He is considering sponsoring a team for Arena and / or MDI after everything that happened,” he posted on Twitter. “I can’t imagine what it must be like to have the rug actually pulled out from under you like this.”

Discussing the topic later in today’s broadcast, Asmon raised some concern about how entrepreneurial it would be to provide organization for a team. But he seemed confident in his ability to at least support some players.

Among those who left Method are former Cdew World Arena Championship winner and his 3v3 team, as well as members of Method’s European and North American MDI rosters. Method’s MDI teams placed first and second in the 2019 MDI Finals.

Asmongold is perhaps the most influential individual personality in the World of warcraft scene. Despite taking multiple extended streaming breaks in 2019 for personal reasons, he was one of the 10 most viewed content creators on Twitch at nearly 57 million hours.

Its popularity also made it the most viewed Wow streamer on the platform for more than 30 million hours observed. Its 52.7 million hours observed in the Wow The category beat Sodapoppin and the official Method channel, which each had over 17.5 million hours of streaming.

Speaking today in his broadcast, he didn’t say exactly which players he could take under his wing or how he would sponsor them.

Based on your conversations on the broadcast, it appears that his intention would be to use the money he has earned through the broadcast, as well as his personal connections to provide player income and brand sponsor opportunities.