ARod and JLo progress on the Mets? Field of Dreams Game? Bauer and Huff fighting in 2020? And other puppy bullets

Are players more likely to approve the health and safety protocols today, and agree that they will report to Spring Training Part Two before July 1? Yes, my reading is now more likely than not. But if you’ve followed this even remotely for the past three months, you know it can seem so close and then make a fool of yourself in a hurry.

Until there is a player logoff for 5 pm ET today, I will keep open the possibility in my brain that everything is still up in the air. Maybe the players sign today. Maybe they need another couple of days. Maybe a couple of days will turn into nasty negotiations on the scariest part of all of this (the pandemic!), And maybe it will all fall apart. I hope none of that happens, of course, but I advise your psyche (and mine) not to count chickens.

In the meantime …

• The Wilpons’ efforts to sell the Mets continue unabated, despite the pandemic and recent pleas that owning a baseball team is really bad business, with the ARod / JLo group making a lot of money on the mix:

• It appears that, just like what happened with the purchase of the Marlins (Derek Jeter) and the purchase of the Dodgers (Magic Johnson), there is real money involved in the deal, with a big “face” up front. In the Marlins ‘case, Jeter has remained visibly involved, although in the Dodgers’ case, I wouldn’t be surprised if some of you forgot that Johnson was involved. It would be a bit surprising if Alex Rodríguez did not have some level of involvement in the Mets’ operations, but his and Jennifer Lopez’s involvement would not be the most important financially, so he might not have something to say.

• If there is a 2020 season that runs mainly between August and September, this game, scheduled for August 13, would fall within that timeline:

• However, problems include travel for teams, questions about whether the game is worth it without full seats, and whether everyone is better off kicking the game up to 2021. The London Series is already lost (I hope the Cubs can participate in the next year)), the Draft was supposed to be in the World Series of Universities, the All-Star Game won’t be able to play, and now the Field of Dreams Game is probably also a toast.

• Special anniversary today:

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• I think Adam Jones is feeling pretty good about his decision to play in Japan this year:

• Jones reportedly will receive around $ 4 million per year for the next two years, which is not only much more than he would have received to sign in the United States, but also maybe 10 TIMES A LOT as he would have Received this year in a one-year part-season on, say, a one-year, $ 1 million contract.

• Trevor Bauer had a lot to say about the failure to make a deal yesterday, which later turned into a fight with … Aubrey Huff? Because it is 2020:

• Ken Rosenthal sums it up well, although he acknowledges that this might not be “the end” of this part of the disaster: