April Giraffe, the worldwide sensation to give birth in 2017, has died

In a Facebook post on Friday by Animal Adventure Park in Harpersville, New York, it was announced that the beloved animal was happy with the recommendation of its veterinarians due to its growing arthritis.

“We express our condolences to many of his fans, near and far, as we bid farewell to the giraffe that can be credited with setting foot in the 21st century for giraffe and giraffe conservation awareness.” “While her bursts in her yard will crumble in time, the impression she makes on the hearts of people around the world never diminishes.”

Animal Park has been home to April for almost six years. She gave birth to five calves, including the famous baby boy Tajiri. He was also the first calf to be born in Animal Park, with 1.25 million people watching the livestream of his birth.
April Giraffe.

Veterinarians in April noted that in the summer of 2020 the giraffe was showing significant signs of osteoarthritis. Despite her extensive efforts – including joint supplements, pain medications, dietary changes, rough and upholstered flooring in her room – she continues to lose mobility.

“For her keeper and our team at the park, she is a precious member of our family, and when we knew this day would finally come, our hearts ached,” said Jordan Peach, owner of Animal Adventure Park, in a statement. The park’s owner, Jordan Peach, said in a statement. “April’s impact on animal conservation and appreciation is both incredible and lasting.”

Her body has been taken to Cornell University Veterinary School for necropsy, Park said. After the funeral, April’s ashes will return to the Animal Adventure Park.

April’s popularity helped raise awareness for the rapid decline of the giraffe population, which according to the park has declined by 40% in the last 30 years.
According to the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, the foundation says that in April and her children, the number of giraffes has dwindled to more than 150,000 in less than 100,000.