Apple Watch deals: save on series 5 and 3 on Amazon

Anyone in the market for a new smart watch can get a pretty good deal on the full line of the latest Apple Watch model. Amazon has at least one of each Apple Watch Series 5 variant for sale for $ 100 off. Or, if you’re not looking to drop that kind of cash, you can save $ 20 on each Apple Watch Series 3 option, reducing the reference model to $ 179. Here’s what is for sale.

Apple Watch Series 5 deals

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Apple Watch Series 3 Deals

The Apple Watch Series 5 is the newest smartwatch in the line. One of its key features compared to previous models is its always-on Retina display. That means you no longer have to tilt your wrist and wait for the screen to light up to see what time it is or to check your notifications.

Other than that, most of the newer features are designed to track and monitor your health. With the new ECG app, you can monitor your heart rate and monitor your heart rate. It offers fall detection and can automatically alert your emergency contacts. It has a noise app that alerts you when the volume of the world around you reaches a level that could affect your hearing.

The new features aside, it has all the things that made the previous four models great. It keeps track of all your workouts, offers super fast Apple Pay, and connects you to the wide variety of available watch apps.

If you can live without those new high-tech features and don’t need a 44mm model, you can save quite a bit of money by purchasing the Apple Watch Series 3. Each model is $ 20 off Amazon right now.

Chris Reed is IGN’s purchasing and trade editor. You can follow him on Twitter @_chrislreed.